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Put Customers First With the Help of Excelsior Internet Marketing

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Starting and launching a website is the result of hundreds of hours of dedication and work. Many business owners face the challenges of creating a customer-focused website that tells visitors about services and products, without pushing the brand too aggressively. If a company is launching a new website, these five areas can make it more customer-centric.

Overall Design

As a whole, the website should offer a clean, easy to navigate, and user-friendly layout with good brand reinforcement. Too many companies put emphasis on branding or SEO, at the expense of easy use. By thinking like a customer—and not like a business owner—Excelsior Internet Marketing can make it easier for buyers to find what they’re looking for.


According to a recent study, almost 60% of consumers are more likely to make an online purchase after watching a demo video. To educate customers, product pages should include videos that help them understand specific offerings. An ad video, with an easy-to-understand explanation of the product, should be on each landing page.

Support and Training

A majority (71%) of customers have terminated a business relationship because of substandard customer service. With that fact in mind, online marketers should focus on helping customers gain insight into products and services in an efficient, quick manner. To that end, the site owner should consider providing a training section that explains products and their implementation methods.

Mobile-Responsive Design

Almost half of users say that a business website that doesn’t work well on mobile devices is a clear indication that the company just doesn’t care. Responsive design is an approach that’s aimed at creating sites offering an optimized viewing experience across devices, and business owners should consider making their sites mobile-friendly.

Case Studies

Word-of-mouth is still the best advertising, and companies should take great pride in their success stories. Consider putting case studies on the site, to provide testimonials as to a product’s benefits. Acknowledging the products and services that have benefited others can help new customers understand the company’s offerings, and it may even increase sales.

A customer’s initial visit to a website is best compared to a first date. Appearances are everything, and customers tend to judge the company and its products by the way the site looks and functions. Therefore, the owner should put their best foot forward and focus on customers during the website design phase.

Common Mistakes Made During the Hiring Process

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Making a business successful is no accident and will require hard work. A business owner will have to put in a lot of time and work in order to take their company to the next level. As a business starts to grow, a person will need to take the time to hire the right employees. With all of the different candidates out there, finding the right employees will not be easy. Without a bit of preparation, a business owner can make a lot of mistakes during the hiring process. Below are some of the most common mistakes a business owner can make during the hiring process.

Failing to Make a List of What Is Needed

The first thing a business owner will need to do before trying to hire a new employee is to make a list of what they need. By detailing what type of position is being hired for is important and can help an employer narrow the selection down with ease. A business owner will need to let the candidates they are interviewing know what they need. By letting the prospective employees know what the job entails, a business owner will be able to gauge their level of interest.

Not Checking References

Another very common mistake an employer may make during the hiring process is not checking a person’s references. By checking the references, a business owner will be able to find out what type of experience a person has and what type of relationship they have with their former employers. The time invested in checking a person’s references will be more than worth it when a business owner is able to make the right hire. Be sure to also check a person’s employment history to ensure they are worth hiring.

With a bit of time and energy, a business owner will be able to track down the right employees to put on their team. Check out the website to find out more information on how to run a small business and make it a success. By absorbing this type of useful information, a person will have no problem taking their business to the top. Announces Free Learning Platform

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(Prague, Czech Republic)–In 2016, one out of every four college students enrolled in at least one online course, and nearly half of all Fortune 500 companies were using computer-based training for employees. Research shows that e-learning is not only a cost-effective alternative to traditional education, but it is also highly effective. Learners in online or computer-based courses have a higher retention of the material and learn up to five times more material than students in traditional face-to-face classes. To support educators in creating engaging and effective online courses, has announced a FREE e-learning platform.

Said company spokesperson Jan Prochazka, “We are delighted to be able to provide high-quality e-learning solutions with no registration fee and free operating plan. We recognize that non-profit organizations and educational institutions often just can’t afford high-priced software, not to mention the hardware they would have to install it on. Our program is something that anyone can start using within minutes because the system is very intuitive and easy-to-learn, and learners can access it on any portable device.”

Prochazka went on to list some of the unique advantages of, citing the system’s flexibility, ease of configuration, accessibility on all devices, and availability in multiple languages. Furthermore, the use of cloud-based technology ensures that all program data is safely stored and remains accessible at any time, from any location. “One of the best features of our learning management system,” said Prochazka, “is the fact that there is absolutely no limit to the number of students that can be enrolled or the amount of content that can be uploaded.”

Educators can create and upload a variety of content types, including .pdf files, mp4 videos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, e-books, and SCORM learning packages. The system also provides an internal test editor and includes software that analyzes data from student assessments. In addition, educators can create surveys and announcements and utilize an analytical tool to identify students’ weak areas in specific skills.

While registration is free, the free enrollment plans allows you to operate free, there are also premium plans. It is economically priced on a per-student basis, and no fee is required until the student is assigned to the content or the free plan is available.

Concluded Prochazka, “ is the best choice for schools and non-profits because there is no better FREE learning management system that offers so much functionality. By using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, we are able to save our users a significant investment in software, technology, and maintenance. In fact, we calculate that we save companies 40% on employee training.”

About TRAINING ONLINE s.r.o. is an easy-to-use cloud-based e-learning platform and e-learning software for mid-sized companies, educational agencies, and coaching projects. Their learning management system provides tools for online education that allow for rich media content, and its icon navigation is user-friendly and contributes to a positive user experience. Users can create a free platform with multiple language capabilities in just one minute with no monthly fees or initial license fees.

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