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What You Should – and Shouldn’t – Do During an MBA Group Interview

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If you’ve decided to go for your MBA, you’ve made the right decision. Having an MBA on your resume will help you become more competitive when it comes time to apply for jobs in the world of business. It can also help you specialize and concentrate on a focused area in the niche that you’ve chosen to pursue your career.

Though you might look great on paper, you really won’t be able to show your potential employers how well you work with others, which is a critical component of the whole business school experience.

Every business school holds group interviews to allow them to see how applicants are able to handle themselves, and they all deal with them a little differently. However, it usually involves applicants working together and resolving actual, real-world business issues. This exercise is meant to show how candidates are able to handle specific scenarios as well as their interpersonal skills. You will be observed interacting with your peers before you are granted admission, which provides the school that you’re applying to critical clues about the type of student that you would be if you were admitted.

Here are things that you should and shouldn’t do in order to stand out in a group interview.

Be Prepared

To prepare yourself for this setting, practice by speaking out more in groups or meetings. Round up a group of people to conduct a mock discussion. Study the topic so that you are ready to discuss the issue in great detail throughout the interview, but be sure to stay as flexible as possible. For more information on getting an MBA, visit

Be an Active Listener

An important part of being an active listener is being flexible to various points of view, particularly opposing viewpoints. Don’t interrupt others, even if you already know what they’re talking about or if you disagree with them. Acting in this way will send messages that you think your ideas are superior than the other’s. Acknowledge the speaker if the idea being spoken about is a good one. Take any opportunities during the interview to do this.

Keep the Goal of the Group in Perspective

Goals are much more likely to be achieved when everyone on the team or in the group works together towards that common goal and keeps it in perspective. Admissions committees will be much more impressed with groups that work well together, and the group that you’re a part of is competing against other groups who are applying. Keep the team’s goal focused on, take notes, and do what you can to encourage the group to stay on track.

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